Chaos but Flow @ Berlin

10月 13日(土)にベルリンのURBANRAUMにてパフォーマンスをやります。今までやってきたことが根底からリセットされて、一度空っぽになってベルリンの町でやり直している、というような、途方に暮れている感じそのままで、一度パフォーマンスの場所に立ち尽くしてみようと思っています。私のベルリンでの初めの一歩、という感じ。観察の視点の持ち方が、今までと少し違うし、方向性も違うけど、もしかして当たり前のこと、ありきたりのことを、しようとしているのかもしれないけれど、私にとっては新しい可能性の一つとして。
何か 急がなければいけないような気がして
空っぽの平野を 歩いて
続ける、続ける 続ける
} Wander {
by Natsuko Tezuka

Even the next room can not be found Unstable days
Walking in an empty plain
I have the feeling I have to hurry up for something
Walking, walking, walking, there is no destination
On each place I can see the lives of various people
No hidden foolishness, conflict, funny behavior, mercy, restful moments, dreams
The feeling drifts up, an alluring and life-like life
Let's dive in to that forest and make my own step with stray
Continue, continue and continue

I live in Berlin since just a few months. People in Berlin do not get tired of seeing it. Everyone lives a life-size life in their honesty while struggling. I would like to observe that and try out what kind of waves will happen to me.

Dance & choreography: Natsuko Tezuka

13. Oktober, 19.30
URBANRAUM, Urbanstraße 93, 10967 Berlin

7-14 Euro (sliding scale), für BerlinPass-Besitzer*innen: 5 Euro

‘The Line That Fools’
by Charlotte Pauwelyn

A collision.
A body lying on the ground, an effect of gravitation.
What was the cause that made me fall?
I get up.
I stand in the middle.
Do I?
What's the reference?
I want to move on, I make a choice, at least I call it a choice.
The way I go isn't as linear as I tent to make it. Some frame must make me move this way.
I dream away, a vague realisation there could be more to it. If only I could change the roles and move that frame...
Because - because of - despite - thanks to?

Concept, Choreography, Performance, Sound composition: Charlotte Pauwelyn
Outside eye and ear: Camille Käse, Meltem Nill, Milla Koistinen, Tomomi Adachi
Voices: Evan Foster, Zeno Mainardi, Deirdrem Tunney, Charlotte Pauwelyn
Sound mixing assistance: Ricardo Talaio, Zeno Mainardi, Ememe