090305 TPAM 2009 インターナショナルショーケース

プライベート トレースの30分バージョンを上演しました。

場所 恵比寿ザ・ガーデンルーム

ラインナップ 神村恵 鈴木ユキオ 手塚夏子



TEZUKA Natsuko 'Private Trace 2009'

This piece is for observation of relations.
A body stores up its reactions to what it relates to and encounters with since its birth,and keeps building walls and breaking them. The way one builds a wall is unique, and the uniqueness speaks for his or her individuality. The way one's wall exists, which generates urgent screams and squeaks, is fascinating, and to observe it is a wonderful thing to do.

A chain of relations that are reproduced every day-that is what constitutes the world. Let's take a part of the most familiar relation and observe it. Probably you will never know what really happened there. Perhaps it has never existed. I want to cast a light from this and that angle on its surface with complex texture to discover the "inexistent substance" because I cannot help searching.